Hi! I’m Thomas, a NLP Applied Scientist. In 2021, I defended my PhD thesis which was conducted in the Hubert Curien laboratory, located in St-Étienne, France. During those 3 years, I also worked in the industrial field, for Meetic, a dating website of the Match Group. There, I was in charge of the Natural Language Understanding of Lara, a dating chatbot. I am currently still working at Meetic, on broader subjects: profile picture coaching using Computer Vision, development of internal tools to analyse raw textual data using state-of-the-art NLP models, or even profile recommendation using methods borrowed from the NLP field.

Apart from being a dedicated Python 🐍 enthusiast, I also have a thirst for knowledge in other aspects of programming, as I have learnt to develop front-end interfaces for the projects I carried. Additionally, I carried some professional projects all by myself, including data collection + annotation, model training, front-end interface, CI, and deployment to production.


My research is focused on processing user-generated short texts, like tweets or conversation logs, and finding a proper modeling of those texts to improve Natural Language Understanding in human-agent interactions. In this context, my main focus subjects are:

  • Intent detection, entity recognition
  • Few-shot learning when datasets are scarce
  • Language modeling of noisy user-generated content

If you’d like to find out more, check out the publications section or my CV!


In my spare time, I love spending time trying to solve puzzles either from reddit, or from other sources. Feel free to contact me with your best puzzles / riddles!

To remain in shape, I also enjoy hiking and bicycling, which I practice in my daily commutes. Even on vacation, I enjoy bicycle touring: so far, I’ve done more than 2,500kms in 4 different European countries!